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Many uses of QR Code in the beverage field

The QR CODE, both generic and unique, lends itself perfectly to all sectors, in the lower part we will see some examples of applications and some use methods. The QR code can be used for basic marketing purposes to real marketing campaigns developed and supported by social media. It can be used as anti-counterfeiting and be able to trace any counterfeiting of its products. It allows all end-user to have the certainty of being in possession of an original product 100%. It can be used for traceability purposes, thus providing a useful internal traceability to the manufacturer to obtain an optimal control of all the stages of processing. In the case this one would like to do it, he might make visible to the final users the stages of the processing of the product, showing then the quality of its product.

Here you are some examples of applications in the beverage field




With our software ilqr.it, you can control the traceability of each product for complete control of the processing stages. At your leisure, it will be possible to flag the phases of work you want to show to the end users, and then decide whether to display all the production processes of the product or display only certain steps. This obviously represents an additional marketing form, different from the classic version





One of the biggest problems facing the market right now is the falsification of any product, thanks to the software qr.it, the manufacturer will be able to discover through reports provided by the software if any product was counterfeit. This will be possible without the end user to become a participant and it's in the own interest of the company's internal control. It will possibile as well to make visible the product originality to end users for marketing purposes.






One of the main uses of QR CODE in recent years has been advertising. Info Label information understand the potential of this service and increases it providing unique QR code, characteristic that other competitors do not offer. Thus, you can develop marketing campaigns, even on a single product, producing information for the end users that will not be a simple link to your site or to your social network page, but in real ad hoc customized screens.



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