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Identification of the internal traceability

Info label through its software keeps track of all the processes that led to the finished product, so you can save all the workers of the different processes and creating an efficient and secure internal traceability. Obviously we are aware that each producer has its own method for monitring production, we give him the possibility to configure his software with our own interface for customer needs, in order to not change the way of working of each producer.




Identification of external traceability and limited series


Regarding traceability, our software allows to make visible only the information you want to show to the end users, thus protecting the expertise of each company. Appropriate traceability can be used for legal reasons or just for your image as advertising. There is also the possibility to create limited edition items, which will probably give more importance and prestige to your product.




The method described above can also be customized with different features that will be added depending on the needs of each client. The software still allows the intermediate reports, understand, through readings of single QR code, if your product is counterfeit, allowing you to take the most appropriate action.